Digital Office

Working in the virtual office opens up many innovative opportunities that can save you money and let you get on with the tasks that you really enjoy doing.

PAGEZERO can assist with moving your law firm from a paper-centred environment to a digital one. We can provide you with the resources you need to implement the systems your firm will need to get to ZERO.

The longer you delay thinking about “getting to zero” because “we can do this ourselves”, the longer it takes for you to reap the benefits of PAGEZERO.

  • Creating system and procedures to operate digital files
  • Workflows and precedents
  • Site visits to assist with the transition to a digital office
  • Training manuals and policies

Digital Packages

  1. The Works

    $POA per month* + GST
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  2. Essentials

    $POA per month* + GST
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  3. Basic

    POA + GST
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