Workflows are a project management system for all client matters.

Whether you are managing high-volume work, becoming familiar with a new particular area of practice or supervising staff, workflows assists with your file management. Workflows are an interactive tool which ensures no steps are missed and tasks are accurately completed so you can minimise the risk of mistakes and maximise time and costs efficiencies for the firm and for our clients.

The key benefits of using workflows:

  1. Improved efficiency. Automation of many processes results in the elimination of unnecessary steps.
  2. Better process control. Good management of the processes is achieved through standardisation of working methods and the availability of audit trails.
  3. Improved client service. Consistency in the processes leads to greater predictability in levels of responses to clients.
  4. Flexibility. Software control enables firms to design processes to suit their own systems and procedures.
  5. Reduced Risk. Using workflows increases awareness of best business practice, streamlines work processes; saving time and money.

Workflows - Contact us to discuss licencing options

  1. Property Workflows

    • Finance
    • Purchase Residential
    • Purchase Rural
    • Refinance
    • Sale Residential
    • Sale Rural
    • Subdivision
    • Discharge of Mortgage

  2. Commercial Workflows

    • Building Contract Review
    • Company Incorporation
    • General
    • Lease (Landlord)
    • Lease Renewal & Rent Review (Tenant)
    • Lease Renewal & Rent Review (Landlord)
    • Long Term Diary
    • Purchase of Business
    • Sale of Business
    • Trade Mark Application Process
    • Liquidation

  3. Wills and Estates Workflows

    • Enduring Powers of Attorney
    • Estate
    • Estate First Contact
    • Will and EPOA
    • Will
    • Codicil

  4. Trusts Workflows

    • Deed of Retirement & Appointment of New Trustee
    • Trust Gift & Review - We are Independent Trustee
    • Trust Gifting - We are not Independent Trustee
    • Trust Review - We are Independent Trustee
    • Trust Review - We are not Independent Trustee
    • Trust Winding Up/ Resettlement
    • Trust Formation

  5. Litigation & Criminal Workflows

    • Appeal
    • District Court Litigation (Defendant)
    • Litigation General
    • Limited Licence Application
    • Criminal

  6. Office/ Misc Workflows

    • Agency
    • Debtors
    • Authority to Uplift
    • General Workflow

  7. Employment Workflows

    • Employment - General
    • Employment - Personal Grievance (Employer)
    • Employment Investigation (Employer)

  8. Family/ Relationships Workflows

    • Separation
    • PPPR

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